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I love buttons.  I have early memories of playing with my maternal grandmother Dede's (short for Dorothy Drew) buttons.  I loved their colors and textures then and do to this day.  I inherited a button box from my other grandmother who was trained as a Home Economics teacher and who saved buttons and have added to it with my own purchased buttons and even buttons from old garments.  I love button blankets created by the Coast Salish tribes.  The buttons were mostly created from shells are shiny white against the black and red background of the blankets.

I have used buttons on quilts to embellish and recently added buttons to a collage I created.

This sweet little piece (about 8 1/2 x 11 inches) was created for a challenge at a local quilt shop and it won a 2nd place viewer's choice prize.  I had to use the speckled fabric that you see in the number 25. I commemorated our 25th wedding anniversary in 2009 with the numbers and surrounded it with 25 hearts and 25 buttons.  It rema…

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